When the Mets arrived on Florida’s Treasure Coast in 1988, a group of individuals called the New York & St. Lucie Mets Booster Club welcomed the team with open arms. In an area dominated by New York and New Jersey transplants and snowbirds, the relocation of the Mets from St. Petersburg to Port St. Lucie turned out to be a perfect fit. One of the early privileges of the club provided fans to see Thomas J. White Stadium, now Tradition Field before it ever opened its gates.

Since its inception, the Mets Booster Club has distributed thousands of dollars in cash and gifts to local children oriented charities and St. Lucie Mets players facing difficult circumstances. We have sponsored over one thousand children to attend baseball games and also had them enjoy a hot dog, soda, etc. while watching the game. These children range from 10 years old to young adults and some have never seen a real live baseball game before. The Booster Club also supports local troops overseas, sending over supplies and goodies. Players are often invited to members homes during the season and many develop a close relationship with the players and their families.

Other events the Mets Booster Club run are bus trips to Dolphin Stadium during the season to see the New York Mets battle the Florida Marlins. The Mets Booster Club also has ocassional tailgate parties before St. Lucie Mets Games where the members and some St. Lucie Mets players can enjoy some fun before a game.

The New York Mets and the St. Lucie Mets Front Office Staff have worked well with us over years, helping us out when we needed them for different occasions and charities. We also have many local businesses who have been very supportive to the Mets Booster Club. Many of these businesses are advertisers in our monthly newsletter.

We have over 350 members in the Mets Booster Club. There are some members that just come down for Spring Training and some that just can’t make it to Florida at all. One of the best things about being a Mets Booster Club member is that every month you will receive an informative newsletter that tells you all the news, updates and events about the New York and St. Lucie Mets. The newsletter keeps you updated on past and present players in the Mets organization.

We’ve had a lot of out of town members tell us that the newsletter alone each month is worth being a Mets Booster Club member.

The Mets Booster Club meets once a month. If you live or happen to be in the area, you and your guest are welcome to attend any meeting. Anyone can join by filling out the application and paying the $12.00 dues fee each year.

Become a member and enjoy reading our monthly newsletter each month while watching the Mets.

Thank You,

Mets Booster Club